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Our camp became a Finalist of 2019 Top100 Sustainable Destinations Award!
We are proud to be on the list of World Greenest Places. Trekking Club campsite on the Top100 Award official website


Trekking Club safari camp is a quite new project offering the full range of summer outdoor activities: comfortable accommodation in big two-room tents at a riverbank, variety of entertainments like mountain biking and horse riding, rafting and rock-climbing. We serve buffet 3 times a day, and authentic Scythe sauna and hot shower are available anytime

 WHERE IS IT?             
 70km to the east from Almaty (2 hours)                
 HOW TO GET THERE? Follow the Kuldja road up to Issyk. Pass by Issyk town and move further in a direction of Turgen. Turn right inside a Turgen gorge (near the entrance to Turgen village), and drive for another 25km by the gorge. It is a National Park, so you will meet the Park’s gate and will have to pay a fee there. You may take a taxi from Almaty, or come with a bus to Issyk or Turgen and then take a local taxi. The map is at a bottom of the page.
 TIME GUIDE The campsite works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every year starting from 1st June till 10th September. No check-in time (you may arrive anytime)
 PRICE $35 per persons per night including 3 meals (buffet)     
 HOW TO BOOK To book a night, call us at +7(727)229 31 04 or send a message to

Big two-room tents, fully furnished: beds, garden group (table, armchairs), electricity and lighting. Each tent is placed at a separate glade so the guests could enjoy the nature and have an access to all the infrastructure


The café is located at a big comfortable tent-marquee: we serve 3 meals a day as “buffet”. Normally, there are few main and side dishes, few salads or snacks can be found. Tea, coffee and sweets are served with a buffet. Vegetarian menu is available on request (please inform). 

   Location and territory 

The camping is just a piece of wild nature of Turgen: it is located at a private area inside a deep spruce forest, in the upper reaches of Turgen River. The river is a natural barrier that isolates a private camp territory from the road, but Trekking Club guests may always use our bridge to cross it.
You may hike to Kairak waterfall from here (5 hours), or may reach
Assy plateau (10km up by the gorge). The location provides great opportunities for day-hikers: any direction is perfect.


The standard price for 1 night includes:
- accommodation at a comfortable 2-rooms living tent equipped with 2 beds, 2 sleeping bags (blanket type), garden group (chairs, table), lightin
- 3 meals a day, buffet
- hot shower
- lodge infrastructure: barbecue set (without wood), dining-tent, pavilions etc.
- local rope-park (hummocks, slack-lines, rope trolleys etc.)
- guided
excursion to Kairak waterfall (for the groups of more than 6 persons)


 Skiff sauna
 Rent of a bike
 Guided trekking tours by Turgen: 2-day trek, 3-day trek, 5-day trek
 Jeep-tour to Assy plateau: tour to the Nomad’s land
 Package trips: 2 days in Turgen and 3 days of adventure (accommodation at a camp is included)
 Rock climbing course in Turgen

   Other lodges
   of Trekking Club
   lodge network

Alpine hut in Touyuk-Su gorge: above Shymbulak ski resort.
Located at a foot of the glacier at 2600m ASL, the hut is the best choice for those who want to have a great panorama of Tien Shan peaks over 4.000m outside of the window. A small comfortable lodge perfectly fits the needs of mountain hikers, climbers and mountaineers.

camping Almaty camping Almaty camping Almaty
camping Almaty camping Almaty camping Almaty

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