Alpine lodge in Touyuk-Su (Maloalmatinsky) gorge
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Alpine lodge in Touyuk-Su gorge  

A mountain hut is located at a height of 2600 meters above sea level, in Touyuk-Su gorge (2 kilometers above the Shymbulak ski resort). Up to six people may accommodate in a lodge at the sate time, comfortably. There are 2 bedrooms and a dining-room combined with a stationary kitchen. In a winter time a gas heater used to keep it warm, s well as an electric generator for lighting and other purposes is at your disposal all the time.
There are flat and suitable areas near the hut that can be used for tent-camping.

The location of a Trekking Club alpine hut is a best for the climbers coming to do mountaineering in North Tian Shan: the rock walls and snow peaks with many of different routes are available here (multi-pitch routes). There are 2 hours of walking or 20 minutes of 4-whell-driving up to glacier from the hut.

The hut is also good for the programs that includes short radial treks and hikes from 1 to 3 days by surrounding valleys and glaciers.

Looking for a week-end option?
Then check this perfect 2-day package in Touyuk-Su: glacier hiking, Shymbulak peak trekking and comfortable night accommodation at a hut.

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