Rock and ice climbing courses in Tian Shan. Mountaineering school.

Educational mountaineering programs in North Tian Shan

In the section we are glad to perform our individual and group courses that will help you to acquire special skills necessary for climbing and mountaineering activity. The main aim of our educational programs is to provide you with essential knowledge for self-planning of safe trips and climbs as well as with basic skills of using of safety equipment, and environmental competence (characteristics, features and dangers in mountains).
Practical and theoretical lessons are given by experienced climbing instrucors
Number of disciplines and frequency of studies are scheduled individually in accordance with a student’s level and desires. 

Places of practical courses:  rocks in Maloalmatinsky gorge (Almaty area), rocks in Tamgaly-Tas region ( Ili river area), glaciers of Zailisky Alatau

Period: all year round 
Schedule of classes: depending on your abilities, from 1 to 5 days. The classes can be done by week-end as well as continuously with accommodation at a hut or camp. 
Duration of 1 practical lesson: 6-8 hours a day 

For the educational programs we provide: transport from Almaty to the place of the lesson and back, 1 istructor per 1-3 students, common gear, individual climbing set, for the days-long schools – also foodstuff, accommodation at Trekking Club mountain hut or Trekking Club camping
, bivouac equipment, kitchen gear and gas.


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Сlimber's library

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