Rock climbing courses
rock climbing 
The program offers individual and group courses of studying the mountaineering techniques, safety and practical lessons of rock climbing under the guidance of experienced instructors. 
 The place                                                      
   Rocks of the Maloalmatinsky ravine                                    
   The Tamgaly Tas rocks (on the Ili river)
   all the year round                                                                    
   depending on your choice, from 1 to 5 days                      
 Duration of 1 lesson                                     
   5-6 hours a day                                                                        
 What do I need to bring/wear?                      
   list of clothes and gear for training                                       

The curriculum includes:     
- rope handling and special knots
- using of mountaineering and special climbing outfit
- the techniques of moving up by fixed ropes and rappelling
- basic rules of climbing on the rocks
- safety precautions and personal safety measures
- basics of rescue works on rocks
rock climbing rock climbing rock climbing

Course price:

1 - 2 persons in the group - 150 USD for a group
3 - 4 persons in the group - 200 USD for a group

The price includes:

 - transport from Almaty to the training place and back
 - rock climbing instructor services 
 - rent of climbing gear, common (ropes, carabineers etc.) and personal set (harness, ascender, helmet, descender etc.)

Price does not include: 

 - snacks/lunch and drinks for a training
 - rent of personal clothes, shoes