Ascent to Manshouk Mametova glacier
hiking Almaty

  Almaty – Chimbulak ski resort (2400m) – Touyuk-Su tract (2600m) – Alpingrad (3450m) – Manshouk Mametova glacier (3550m) - Touyuk-Su tract (2600m) - Chimbulak ski resort (2400m) - Almaty

 Season                                      All the year round                                                                       
 Duration of the tour 
 1 day                                                                                             
 Average walking time
 5-6 hours                                                                                     
 Difference of heights  2400m-3550m                                                                            
 Walking grade  ٭  - summer,   ٭٭   - winter                                                        
 What to take with you  list of necessary gear/clothes for trekking                                 

Having driven to “Touyuk-Su Gates” we begin to walk up by the earth road up The Malaya Almatinka river. On the left you may observe the huge 600-metres rocky walls offering several climb routes of high level difficulty. After 50-minutes’ walk the road comes to its final point at the height of 3000 meters, at Manzhilky where the republican weather station is located.
At this point the road changes into well trodden walking path leading up to the Alpinegrad across the grasslands. The Alpingrad is a wide flat glade at the height of 3450m. From this point there is a magnificent view of the Touyuk-Su glacier with the surrounding snow covered mountain peaks. The walk from weather station to Alpingrad takes 45 minutes. 
The further route lies along the broad hollow under the peak of Amangeldy, and leads to the final moraine of the Manshouk Mametova glacier. The ascent to the moraine isn’t long and takes 15-20 minutes. This place (3550m) is the final point of our route.The moraine ridge runs between the700-metres high vertical walls of the Pioneer, Uchitel peaks and Manshouk Mametova glacier. The glacier originates on the slopes of the Manshouk Mametova peak and slides down in a quaint form of a fantastical waterfall. The climb routes up the rocky walls of the surrounding peaks are popular with the climbers of high qualification. Here you come across the starting point of one of the most difficult climb routes in the mountains of Zailisky Alatau.
The descent to the Touyuk-Su gate is perform by the same track and takes 2 hours. From this point the tourists are taken to the city by car.
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Tour price:

1 - 3 persons in group: USD 160 for a group 

The price includes:

 - transport from Almaty to Touyuk-Su and back
 - mountain guide's services

Price does not include: 

 - snacks/lunch and drinks for a hike
 - rent of personal clothes, shoes