Trekking from the Upper Gorelnik to the Titov pass
trekking in Kazakhstan

  Almaty – Medeo complex (1700m) – Tourist Centre “Gorelnik” (2000m) – Titov pass (3630m) – Manzhylky weather station (3000m) – Chimbulak ski resort (2400m) - Almaty
 June - October                                                                            
 Duration of the tour          
 2 days                                                                                           
 Average time of walking per day
 4-5 hours                                                                                     
 Difference of heights
 Walking grade
 What’s interesting
 waterfalls and Upper Gorelnik glacier                                    
 What to take with you  list of necessary gear/clothes for trekking                               
    Day 1
Cars take tourists to the stationary camp Gorelnik (2000m) along the road going past the sports complex Medeo. From Gorelnik, the starting point of the walking tour a wide footpath across the forest and shrubbery leads up the slope to a wide glade in the Upper Gorelnik ravine (1 hour’s walk). 
Further on the ravine becomes narrower and the path runs up along the bank of the river through the forest past several waterfalls. The walk from the glade to the upper boundary of the forest takes 1.5 hours.
Here at the boundary of the forest separating it from the alpine grasslands the first camp is set for the night at the height of 3000m.

    Day 2

On the following day after packing and breakfast the ascent to upper parts of the ravine in the direction of the Titov pass begins. 
The route runs through the alpine meadows and the stony moraines to the glacier. Having crossed the glacier the tourists find themselves on the crest of the Titov pass (3630m) from where there is a wonderful view of the glaciers and summits around the Maloalmatinsky ravine. The ascent takes 2,5 – 3 hours. 
After a short rest on the crest which is the highest point of the trekking the tourists descend to the weather station Manzhilky from where they walk to Touyuk-Su along ground road. The road runs along the vertical rocky walls 400-meters reached the Touyuk-Su gate, the tourists get into cars to go back to the city. 
The route is not difficult technically though covers 3 climatic zones.



trekking in Kazakhstan trekking in Kazakhstan trekking in Kazakhstan


Tour price: 
1 person (individual service) - 490 USD
2-3 persons in the group - 265 USD per person
4-8 persons in the group - 230 USD per person
The price includes:
 - transport from Almaty city to the start place and back
 - mountain guide(s) services
 - National park fees and permissions
 - rent of bivouac equipment: living tents, portable gas kitchen gear, tableware etc.
 - foodstuff for all the period of trek 
 - safety in trek: emergency satellite connection, GPS monitoring with GPS spot

The price does not include:
 - porter services. It means that all the weight of common gear (like tents, food, gas etc.) will be divided between all the members including guides, and will have to be carried all together
 - rent of personal clothes, boots etc.