4-day trekking by the wild Turgen gorge

trekking in Kazakhstan

Almaty - Turgen river gorge - Batan village - Kairak waterfall - Bartugul tract - Turgen river - glacial lakes - Batan - Almaty

 mid June - October                                                                              
 Duration of the tour 
 4 days, 3 nights                                                                      
 Average walking time per day
 6-7 hours                                                                                    
 Difference of heights 
 Walking grade 
 Weather conditions
 +15°С…+24°С during a day, +3°С...+12°С in the night
 What to take with you
 list of necessary gear/clothes for trekking                      

This is short, but very capacious in its content journey. Different and unique natural phenomena will be visited in four days: from waterfalls and moraine lakes, to grandiose rock canyons. The route is circular, begins and ends at the village of Batan. The path, crossing the tracts of Bartugul, Kairak and Temirtas along the upper border of the forest, comes to picturesque lakes, where the river Turgen originates. We will take a radial day hike to the glacial lakes and the entrance to the Shepthurgen relic canyon. On the way there are amazing landscapes of the main ridge of the Zailiysky Alatau, with its miracle glaciers and peaks. It will be interesting for the tourists to look at the legendary Kairak waterfall with a height of more than 45 meters.


    Day 1
Drive Almaty - gorge Turgen - Batan - 2.5 hours. Hike up following the Turgen River, to the confluence with the Kairak River - 2.5 hours. Move further along the Kairak River, passing by the waterfall, up to a suitable camping glade - 2 (3) hours. Overnight in tents at a height of 2250m (camp 1).
    Day 2
Breakfast and camp packing. Passage through the Temirtas tract along the timberline, to the upper reaches of the Turgen River, 6 hours. Overnight in tents at a height of 2700m (camp 2)
    Day 3
Breakfast. Radial hiking to the glacial lakes which located at a height of 3400m. The trail passes through a zone of alpine meadows. Return back to the same camp at 2700m. 6-7 hours of hiking in total.
    Day 4                                  

Breakfast and camp packing. Descent to the valley by the trail along the Turgen River, up to Batan village, 7 hours. Transfer back to the city 2 hours
trekking in Kazakhstan trekking in Kzakhstan trekking in Kazakhstan

Tour price:
1 person (individual service) - 840 USD
2-3 persons in the group - 460 USD per person
4-8 persons in the group - 435 USD per person

The price includes:  - transport from Almaty city to the start point and back
 - mountain guide(s) services
 - National park fees and permissions
 - rent of bivouac equipment: living tents, portable gas kitchen gear, tableware etc.
 - foodstuff for all the period of trek 
 - safety in trek: emergency satellite connection, GPS monitoring with GPS spot

The price does not include:
 - porter services. It means that all the weight of common gear (like tents, food, gas etc.) will be divided between all the members including guides, and will have to be carried all together
 - rent of personal clothes, boots etc.