Equipment and resources
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Special equipment for outdoor games and climbing

Since 2005 (a year when Trekking Club was established) we are working hard on improving of our outfit reserve by increasing the range, purchasing modified items and including high-tech products. We are proud to say that all we use to arrange a peak climb, championship, team-building or outdoor game is an up-to-date and absolutely safe gear. We are enjoying of taking care of our equipment thus we are sure it will make our clients glad of using. At the moment the Trekking Club Company owns one of the most wide and unique range of different technical, safety and gaming devices: sport bows and arrows, metal detectors and GPS navigators, bicycles and relay race elements, manikins, racing and group ski, Aleut snowshoes, compasses, ropes/carabineers/pulleys and all necessary climbing and mountaineering equipment… 


Camping equipment (stationary camps and base camps)

Here you will find some pictures of Trekking Club big camps projects: how we organize a really comfortable camping in any season, at any glade and in a very short time. High infrastructure standards are achieved by using a brand new camping gear: modern tents, big and elegant marquees made of special fabric, high-end kitchen gear, ecological lighting and water supply systems. 
We are ready to provide your group with a friendly camping at any time, building it fast and simply with our proper module method.   

Outdoor tent camping gear (trekking)

As we do camping outside ourselves, really often and in different seasons – we know well how to make an outside living comfortable and safe. Any of our active tour, be it a few days trekking or climbing expedition, we provide with a quality, new and light equipment: tents for 2, 3 and 4 persons; sheds; durable and compact utensil; gas and petrolic kitchen gear; warm sleeping bag and mats and other useful things.