Hiking to the Butakovsky waterfall

Hiking to Butakovsky waterfall

 Butakovsky waterfall

This route is perhaps the shortest one on our list. Nevertheless, the hike is intense and goes thru the beautiful landscapes of Butakovka gorge. The trail leads to a rocky waterfall 30 meters high, where in summer you can oftely  see people climbing the rocky walls both sides of the stream.

There are 2 main trails to the waterfall. One starts in Butakovka gorge, at the end of the paved road, it is the shortest one. The second goes from the Kimasar gorge, which you may enter from Medeo - this track is longer and crosses the Kimasar pass. The pass itself is not high and the trail is very comfortable, not steep. Where to start and where to end is up to the tourist's choice.

The area around Butakovsky waterfall provides great opportunities for rock climbing (there are climbing routes), as well as for hiking, trekking, ski touring and sledding in winter. From the gorge you can also reach Furmanovka and Bukreyev trekking peaks. 

 Season   May - October, January - February
 Distance one way  2,5 km
 Ascent/eleveation     370m
 Descent   370m
 Highest point  2200m
 Lowest point   1830m
 Trekking time  2,5 - 3 hours
 Difficulty  easy

Butakovsky waterfall hiking map