Trekking to Gorelnik waterfalls

Trekking to Gorelnic waterfalls

 Gorelnik waterfalls hike

The Gorelnik River is the left tributary of the Maloalmatiky River (Small Almaty). At the confluence there is a hot spring with mineral water, the temperature remains the same all year round - it is a popular place, there are wooden swimming pools in the river.

The route starts near the forester's house at the entrance to the gorge. It stands next to the road leading from the Medeo skating rink to the Shymbulak ski resort. You can come here by taxi or shuttle bus, or walk up from Medeo. The trail is very comfortable, the altitude gain is smooth. In a shape of serpentine it climbs along the ridge to the right river bank, then passes to the glades and finally crosses the stream from right to left. There are very good camping sites and a great view of the valley. Further on, the path leads along the gorge to the right tributary of the Gorelnik River. Following it up you will reach the waterfalls.

Gorelnik waterfalls are a cascade of small falls, in which the water flows down among the moss-covered rocks. The gorge provides great opportunities for different types of activities: for example, from here you can climb to the top of Kumbel or climb Titov Peak (3850m). The descent follows the same path as the ascent.

 Season   May - October
 Distance one way  3,6 km
 Ascent/eleveation     650m
 Descent   650m
 Highest point  2500m
 Lowest point   1850m
 Trekking time  3.5 - 5 hours
 Difficulty  easy

Gorelnik waterfalls hiking map