Trekking from Prokhodnoye gorge to Terra glade

Trekking to Terra glade from Prokhodnoye gorge

 Terra glade

Prokhodnoye gorge is the left tributary of the Big Almaty river. This beautiful gorge provides great opportunities to explore different geographical zones within few hours - mixed and coniferous forests, the zone of alpine meadows and even zone of glaciers. The upper reaches of the gorge form the circus with mountain peaks above 4000m with sparkling glaciers sliding by their slopes to the north. Glade Terra is located at a height of 2600m above sea level, on the upper forest line. There is a perfect view of Big Almaty peak from the glade.

The route starts at the road leading to the Almarasan sanatorium, along the river through the meadows and forest. The trail is good, there are no steep ascents. It follows the right side of the gorge. Before the glade, there is a river crossing point with improvised bridge made of logs and pipes.

Terra is a good places for camping, it cam be used as a basecamp if you plan to climb some of surrounding peaks. Or as a mid-point in longer treks. 

 Season   May - October
 Distance one way  6 km
 Ascent/eleveation     800m
 Descent   800m
 Highest point  2600m
 Lowest point   1800m
 Trekking time  3-4 hours
 Difficulty  easy

Terra glade hiking map