Trekking Club publications and reports
      ARTICLES and REPORTS                                           
      SAFETY IN MOUNTAINS                                                        
      Avalanche safety by Alexey Raspopov   (02/2017)                  
      Winter camping: main rules   (11/2018)                             
      Climbing Khan Tengri peak (7010m): tactics and acclimatization   (10/2018)                 
      Wonders of Turgen: 10 reasons to visit   (07/2017)          
      Mustang Kingdom: a piece of Tibet in Nepal   (05/2007)    
      Trekking destination: Turgen gorge   (05/2017)                    
      Touyuk-Su glacier and glacial science in Kazakhstan   (01/2019)                    
      Bektau Ata: volcanic mountains near Balkhash   (10/2020)                    
      HISTORY & CULTURE                                                        
      Nomad's fest and other interesting facts about Kazak traditions   (06/2018)                    
      Suprising findings at Bartogay Lake   (11/2017)                
      Mysterious rock carvings on Asy plateau   (11/2018)         
      Expedition to the upper reaches of Turgen: hidden treasures of 3 epoques   (10/2013)
      Along the Silk Way, from Almaty   (09/2018)                                                      
      Khan Tengri peak history: first ascent   (10/2018)                                 
      Rock carvings in Eshkiolmes   (02/2020) 
      Sogdian ash-tree, relic tree of Kazakhstan: last of the Mohicans   (03/2017)
      Trekking for flowers: highland flora of Tien Shan   (07/2018)
      Sievers apple tree: the progenitor of all apples on earth   (04/2019)
      Tulips are from Kazakhstan!   (03/2019)                                      
      Mount McKinley expedition in May, 2014   (05/2014)              
      Aconcagua (6962m) expedition in January, 2015   (02/2015)
      Khan Tengri peak Expedition   (09/2006)                                             
      Everest BC trekking   (11/2011)                                               
      Cycling in Almaty   (03/2019)                                              
      Climbing options in North Tien Shan   (11/2018)