About Trekking Club

It is about great experience guided by experts, within reach

A Trekking Club company was founded in 2005 by a group of nature-loving friends, under a guidance of a well-known alpinist Alexey Raspopov. We are officially registered as a travel and touristic, licensed company (state license with no0001061 dated 12 July 2005).

Having explored the North Tian Shan and Almaty region the last 25 years, we learned enjoying of a close contact with a nature, learned tasting a great views and pictorial mountain panoramas. And we are on a way to bring our best feelings and skills to you.

We only offer those activities that are already time-tested, safe and informative as well as interesting to our guests. 

We work in the following fields:

TREKKING- walking and hiking tours from 1 to 9 days in North Tian Shan area

CLIMBING- mountaineering and climbing of the peaks of Zailisky Alatau mountains. Mountaineering expeditions to the other regions. 

- amazing trips from 3 to 14 days, a wonderful experience guided by experts

COURSES AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS mountaineering school, rock- and ice-climbing courses. A full range of theoretical and practical lessons that help in achieving of special skills of safety climbing. 

SCOUT CAMPS FOR KIDS– outdoor sessions for active kids based on a comfortable tent accommodation in a wild nature. Any kinds of safe and fun activities can be included in the itinerary. 

- a very comfortable Trekking Club safari-lodge in a pictorial Turgen mountain gorge

- a Trekking Club mountain hut at a height of 2700m in a rocky Touyuk-Su canyon. Is used for Mountaineering school student accommodation and climbing activities. 

OUTDOOR EVENTS, FESTS AND TEAM BUILDING PROJECTS a number of activities: fun, sports and extreme, can be offered as a race, championship or theme game, according to your group or company. Teambuilding games to strengthen your corporate spirit.

NEPAL AND TIBET TREKKING exotic and fascinating travel in Himalaya , for anyone. The programs offered for different Nepal parts, take from 10 to 17 days. 


Trekking Club is a small but very efficient team of enthusiasts and mountain lovers. Our main goal is to promote sustainable development of the ecological and adventure tourism market in Kazakhstan. Since we are confident that a responsible market cannot develop outside of a responsible society, then we make great efforts and apply all our experience to help creating an active, environment friendly community in our country:

- our eco-lodges in Turgen and Touyuk-Su gorges are always open to other people upholding principles of sustainable tourism. We love to meet and exchange experiences with those who share our ideals. We are pleased to present our achievements in the implementation of eco-technologies - and happy to have a feedback.

- we love travelling and know a lot about the nature of our native land. We are happy to share this information with anyone interested in. Our maps, pictures and absolutely free GUIDE BOOK are our contribution to the culture of the eco-community.

Our mission is: daily practice creating of such a tourist product that meets the needs of the present without harming them in the future.

We follow these principles:

1. SAFETY - it is a main principle of any adventure. Safety first.
2. ATTENTION TO THE CUSTOMER  - knowing of human abilities, desires and expectations allows to provide a perfect service for any person
3. COMFORT - a very important issue of good customer’s feeling: guide’s and stuff’ attentiveness and politeness, a new and up-to-date equipment, punctuality and exact scheduling, environmental thinking
4. GOOD IMPRESSIONS - any of our program and tour has to bring something new to a life of our customer: new feeling, new skills and knowledge, new impression
5. CARE OF ENVIRONMENT - preserve nature and resources; keep it clean, safe and wild
6. SMOOTH COMMUNICATION - we are easy to contact with. Anytime, anywhere - should you need any assistance.

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